Health & Care

Industry Snapshot

The health and care sectors are currently in the midst of significant change, largely in response to the needs of the growing and aging Australian population. The impacts of COVID-19 are still rippling through the industry and will likely be felt for years to come. 

The team at Audit Express supports health and care providers to navigate the complexity of regulation and red tape. We work with providers of all sizes, along with related industry and peak bodies, member organisations, government agencies, departments and regulators. Our clients include hospitals, medical practices, disability and aged care facilities, and home and community care service providers. 

We focus on supporting our clients with their approach to governance, quality assurance, risk management, strategy development, operations, culture and organistional change. We bring to the table a new way of thinking, with a focus on finding agile and innovative solutions to complex problems. 


Organisations we work with:

We work with allied health, aged care and disability service providers to achieve their strategic goals and objectives. We focus on improving client experience and the level of care being provided. We also engage with and provide advice to government and policymakers on the regulation and improvement of our clients from across the sector, including:

  • Aged Care & Disability Service Providers
  •  Hospitals and Medical Practices 
  • Home & Community Care Service Providers


Our work includes

  •  Internal audits and quality reviews 
  •  Governance frameworks 
  • Quality management systems 
  • Leading the design of policy, systems and operational processes 
  • Support with accreditation and re-accreditation
  • Support with post-audit/ review improvement and rectification