Industry Snapshot

Government at all levels, local, state and federal, must continue to evolve in order to continue to meet the increasing demands and needs of today’s citizens. People expect their governments to deliver change and reform at the highest standard. Those in public office need to be agile, continuously improving systems for collaboration, change management, digital transformation and developing strategy. 

Here at Audit Express we consult and provide advice to government departments, policymakers and related agencies to build capability, develop, review and reform policy as well as provide leadership guidance and support.

Our services include:

Policy Development

The professionals at Audit Express are leaders and subject matter experts that come from a range of industry backgrounds. We consider this collective experience, knowledge and expertise to be one of our greatest strengths. We combine our knowledge and experience to develop innovative, agile and responsive policy to meet the needs of both industry and society.

We support policymakers, government agencies and departments across Australia to develop innovative and agile policy to solve complex problems, and to meet the needs of industry, community and consumers.

Leadership, Mentoring & Professional Development

Working with national and international universities and private providers, Audit Express provides strategic guidance and support, quality frameworks, education management and future direction for the benefit of learners and their educational support. Our work is future-focused, enabling the growth of the sector for both business and life-long learning.


Program Reviews

Building strategies that enable life-long learning from their initial years at school, right through to year 12 enables the learner to build on their skills into tertiary education. We support teachers and principals to improve their performance, strategic planning, governance, student engagement and parent collaboration and communication.

Sector Reform 

Delivering a high-quality educational service that enables early childhood education to grow and adapt despite the strict national standards and demand on educators. Audit Express provide guidance on national standards, academic governance and quality frameworks that assist in overcoming increasing demands to provide a quality educational outcome.