In April, we’ll be starting two exciting webinar series that should not be missed by Australian RTOs!

Audit Express: RTO Re-registration Webinar Series

How do you navigate the process of re-registering your RTO in a way that ensures nothing is left to chance? From 16 April, we’ll be delivering an in-depth webinar series that will:

▶️ Step you through the process of re-registration and audit
▶️ Uncover the most common areas of non-compliance
▶️ Help you establish an appropriate governance structure in your RTO
▶️ Cover the fundamentals of training and assessment strategies
▶️ Help you collect and maintain evidence and other records

And a lot more!

Weekly 5-part webinar series starts: Friday 16 April
Time: 12.30pm – 1.30pm
Cost: $199 for all five webinars (live and recorded) / $45 for one webinar (live and recorded)

REGISTER HERE for the Re-registering your RTO series

Educonomy: Creating Engaging Learning Content

This three-part webinar series, hosted by Educonomy, will focus on supporting education providers to create engaging learning content. The series will cover many topics, including:

▶️ Compliance regulatory requirements associated with creating learning content
▶️ How to create learning content that is both engaging and compliant
▶️ Examples of best practise and demonstrations of easy to use and affordable tools to create infographics, video content and podcasts

Weekly 3-part webinar series starts: Wednesday 28 April
Time: 10.30am – 11.30am
This webinar is free to attend.

REGISTER HERE for the Creating Engaging Learning Content series