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"Continuous improvement is a journey, not a destination."


"Every success is built on the effort to do better than just good enough."

Audit Ready

Take advantage of Audit Ready, our 360° approach to ensuring our clients are fully prepared for their next Audit.

Quality Management System

Your Audit Express Consultant will build a Quality Management System to fit the needs of your organisation.

Compliance Consulting

We realise that your organisation is unique. At Audit Express, our consultants are skilled in building compliance solutions for all types of organisations.

At Audit Express, our strength is in your success!

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We work with you to strengthen your business processes

Internal Audits

Our team of consultants have built leading edge systems, tools and reports to carry out Internal Audits for the many businesses that we work with across a number of sectors.

Funding Contract Internal Audits

Our team of consultants have built leading edge systems, tools and reports to carry out Funding Contract Internal Audits for the many Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) that we work with. We have experience in auditing funding contracts for RTOs across all states and territories.

ACPET RTO Health Checks

We are accredited to deliver ACPET health check services for RTOs. ACPET Health Checks provide a high-quality, low-cost opportunity for ACPET members to receive an independent review of their RTO’s evidence of compliance against the national standards and state based funding contract requirements.

Quality Management Systems

We understand that no two organisations are the same. We know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to running a business. We can work with your organisation to build a Quality Management System that will improve your performance, reduce risk and achieve sustainable growth.

Compliance Consulting

Our consultants don’t just identify compliance and non compliance, we are renowned for building solutions that improve organisational performance, reduce risk and achieve sustainable growth.

Assistance with ISO:9001 Certification

Are you wanting to have your organisation ISO:9001 certified? Our consultants can work with you to strengthen your processes, forms, tools and documents to make the whole ISO:9001 certification process as smooth as possible.